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We Are Spiritory

We are revolutionizing the future of global liquor, wine, and sparkling wine trading.

Spiritory is a unique platform, similar to a stock exchange, that enables the trading of high-quality liquors, wines, and sparkling wines at real market prices.

We seek a level playing field: therefore, our stock market approach is not only extremely transparent but also offers buyers and sellers the same conditions and opportunities.

We seek a level playing field: therefore, our stock market approach is not only extremely transparent but also offers buyers and sellers the same conditions and opportunities.

Time is one of the most valuable resources we possess. Spiritory takes care of all time-consuming tasks, from product listings, photography, and descriptions to buyer and seller management. Users should focus on what matters most: trading.

Global counterfeits are a major concern for users, especially when buying and selling internationally. We have developed an authentication process that ensures every bottle sold is authentic.

The founders

Janis Wilzcura

Janis Wilzcura

Whisky investor and collector.
Former Head of Commercial Department
at Embracer Group, MBA
from Munich Business School.
Co-founder of the startup Uptea.

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Goce Staleski

Goce Staleski

Liquor enthusiast who distilled raki from a young age with his family.
Technical team leader and interim CTO for multinational companies and software projects.

The Beginning of a Truly Global Idea

Our story begins with motivation and a problem. When Janis Wilczura traveled to Japan in 2016, he remembered a friend telling him that Japanese whisky was a good investment opportunity. So, he tried it and bought an exclusive Japanese whisky bottle from a new brand, which he brought back to Germany.

Three years later, Janis was interested in buying a special Scotch malt but needed money to do so. Therefore, he wanted to sell the Japanese whisky bottle he had bought in Japan. At that moment, Janis realized he had no idea how to sell his bottle.

After countless hours of research on the internet, he realized that there was no trading platform for the whisky asset class. Therefore, he attempted to sell his bottle on the secondary market. However, he was immediately frustrated: the first platform gave him unrealistic price quotes, the second platform left him with an endless amount of work, and the third platform only allowed trading within Germany. At that moment, he realized that in a world where stocks and cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold within seconds, there was a lack of a platform for trading whisky, wines, and sparkling wines.

The idea of Spiritory was born. A true platform for trading high-quality liquors, wines, and sparkling wines, with the mission of providing a global audience access to transparent price and performance data, along with intelligent technology that simplifies trading as much as possible.

In early 2022, Janis founded Spiritory GmbH together with Tilo and Jan.

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The Founders

Janis Wilczura

Janis WilzcuraJanis Wilzcura

Goce Staleski

Goce StaleskiGoce Staleski

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